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PCO Or Public Carriage Office Chauffeur Licence Requirements

To apply for a PCO licence call 0845 602 7000

What is a PCO Licence?

PCO stands for 'Public Carriage Office'. Every Chauffeur carrying a passenger from A to B has to have a PCO licence. This licence deems that the driver has taken a criminal record’s check and has a basic knowledge of his way around London. To obtain a PCO licence, the chauffeur also has to undertake a medical examination to confirm his level of fitness and his capability of doing the job.


What other stipulations are there for a PCO licence holder?


A PCO licence holder must prove that he has a regular 6 monthly m.o.t. on his vehicle. Even new cars require this m.o.t. to be done if it is to be used for chauffeuring purposes.


Also, to gain a PCO licence, the chauffeur has to pass a topographical test which basically means they have to know their way around London. This is not as intense as the ‘knowledge test’ that taxi drivers have to take, but, nevertheless, chauffeurs that pass the topographical test know pretty much how to get from place to place.


The topographical test was introduced mainly to stop unqualified people gaining a PCO licence without any geographical knowledge.


Applying for a PCO Licence

A chauffeur company should have an operator’s licence which allows them to employ only PCO licenced drivers. If the company was to employ a non PCO registered driver they could lose their PCO operator’s licence.


To apply for a PCO licence you need to contact the PCO office on 0845 602 7000 between the hours of 9am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

The application fee is £157.00 fee and you need to produce a full DVLA, Northern Ireland or EEA state Driving License which you must have
held for a minimum of 3 years, a Birth Certificate (which must be in English) otherwise a Passport and a marriage certificate in the case of a married woman.


A Medical Report is required as part of the application which must be carried out by your own doctor. You must also complete a Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Form (£34.00 fee) which proves your good character.


Public Carriage Office Address
15 Penton Street
London, N1 9PU 
Tel No. 0845 602 7000


To apply for a PCO licence call 0845 602 7000 






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